About Dennis
Ever since I can remember, I have enjoyed building things.  I have built two houses, four shops, some furniture, tools, toys etc. over the years.  I have been a working with wood most of my life as a hobby.  My path in this hobby has had many twists and turns. Recently I have been doing more wood-turning, this allows the wood to influence the shape of a project rather than the project dictating the shape.  I try to visulize a shape inside a piece of wood and then cut away everything that is not part of that shape.

As much as possible, I use wood salvaged from trees that were storm damaged or otherwise destined to become firewood.
  Often friends share portions of trees that fell or had to be taken down.  I try to use this wood to make items of beauty or share the wood with other turners. 

I am a member of the American Association of Woodturners, East Texas Woodturners Association and Gulf Coast Woodturners.  I use a home-made lathe with both factory and home-made tools to create the turnings.

My work has been accepted at these juried shows:

Beaumont National 2009
Beaumont National 2010
Texas National 2009
Assistance League Houston 2011
Visual Arts Alliance Houston 2011
Assistance League Houston 2012
Beaumont National 2013
Assistance League Houston 2014
Assistance League Houston 2015
Conroe Art League 2016 Invitational
Assistance League Houston 2017
Conroe Art League 2018 Invitational


Lufkin art guild spring show (first and second place) 2010
Honorable Mention and Manning Purchase Award; Beaumont National 2010
Assistant League of Houston 2011 (third place)
Nacogdoches Art League Member show 2011 (Best of Show)
Lufkin Art Guild Spring Show 2011 (Second place and honorable mention)
Lufkin Art Guild Fall Show 2012  (second place)
Lufkin Art Guild Spring Show 2013 (second place)
Lone Star Art Guild Convention 2013 ( first and third)
Lufkin Art Guild 2014  Spring show (first, second, and third)
Lufkin Art Guild 2014 Fall show (1st, 2nd, 3rd)
Lufkin Art Guild 2015 Fall show (1st, 3rd)
Lufkin Art Guild 2018 Spring show (Best of Show & 1st Place)

Included in exhibit at George Bush Muesum 2015
Lufkin Art Guild Fall Art Show 2017( first and third)
2017 exhibit at Pearl Fincher Museum Spring, Texas